Competitive Cookery

June 14, 2007

This weekend marks the Nestle Golden Chef’s Hat Competition start here on the Gold Coast.

I have the priviledge to have brought 2 young chef’s from not being able to compete in competitions to astandard where they are going to become fantastic chefs for both hotel and restaurant lif, as well as cookery demonstrations and competitions.

The best thing with being their coach is that they do the hard work and I critise their product on the plate.

I know for sometime now that I am not the best chef in the World, but the sheer amount of effort and training that I have should be put to a good cause like training young Chefs for competitions.

The ultimate reward is not seeing people with medals hanging off thier necks. Its in the knowledge that they have been taught and now understand cookery to a deeper level that their peers and home cooks do.


Hello world!

June 14, 2007

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